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杨威双胞胎满月|7色瘦"Master, strategist is here." XiongKuoHai words, interrupted lyu3 bu4 ideas, turned to look, but see marotta don't know when, has appeared in the camp."Ling Ming, you're right, there are ambush, candidate for this rubbish, run is fast. Corner of his mouth flashed a mocking smile, d turned his head and looked at pound."Prepare for siege!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although failed to shoot zhang both, but succeeded in reducing the morale of the other side to freezing point, a wave of his hand, wei yan has lost the patience to continue to ink.

"Wen hou how to say this?" Chen Qun looks a little ugly way: "Cao Gong sincerity, this above the property, enough to let Wen Hou build another army, enough to make up for the loss of soldiers."All the counsellors smell speech, can not help but smile, if lombardi received this gift, the mood is not too good.杨威双胞胎满月|"In filial piety why suddenly mentioned lyu3 bu4?" At shift away from the topic, don't want to say more on lyu3 bu4's achievements.

杨威双胞胎满月|"Rubbish!" Korea hence looked at Li Kan that dodging eyes, where don't know the goods must be fleeing, an angry foot will kick him to the ground.Jincheng and Marten rode to the gate with their relatives, but when they saw the gate wide open and no one guarded the gate, they frowned and said, "How can the covenant be so unprepared?""Leo?" Lyu3 bu4 dazed, then react to come over, overjoyed: "Please, no, I personally go to please!" Said the man has been the wind and fire towards the outside.

"Oh?" Yang Wang-cheng was so upset that he didn't want to see any visitors, but he admired the Chinese culture in his heart and didn't want to neglect them either. He took a look at the posters, and suddenly a glimmer of divine light flashed through his eyes. He looked at the girl and said, "Daughter, we are saved!""Master, recently this period of time when Lao wang constantly gathered all the qiang people, is not to contain it." Yang Qiu hesitated, sink a track."You..." At smell speech looked at the country can't say a word, Not to love that month of wine money, country is a wine tank, YingChuan xun also can afford him, just at suddenly thought, last time, the country is to use the death of sun ce, cheated him away for a month of wine money, look alert, looked at the country: "filial piety don't want to help the lyu3 bu4?"杨威双胞胎满月|




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