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生命是场战斗沈阳富士电梯A abjection the teacher of the law face face in a hurry come over, lv bu wrinkly frown, twist a head to look toward this person, the other party however imitate if did not feel, so under the gaze of lv bu's vision, in a hurry but pass.What your body back to the talent is, lyu3 bu4 don't know, but at the moment but he can feel my body is full of vigorous vitality, if take off lyu3 bu4 clothes at the moment, you will find there old skin peeling lyu3 bu4, hidden under the skin originally started some flab also became strained again, look, like a young man's twenty muscles, full of elasticity and vitality."It's time for you to rest, wang." < / p > < p > a month's general looked at the month's king as if ten years old look, concerned about the way.

'no! Before lu lingqi went on to talk about her grand plan, zhou cang said emphatically: "Chen GUI is now the history of xuzhou. Chen deng is also the governor of guangling. ?"Chapter 23At home, it was impossible for lu bu to wear armor. He changed into a suit of Confucian robes, put on a sword, and walked aimlessly along the busy streets of chang 'an city with diao chan.生命是场战斗"Lord assured, the allied forces of han sui were disintegrated by general wen yuan and his advisors yesterday. Han sui rode light to break through the encirclement. Ma chao a face depressed way.

生命是场战斗The man almost fell off the horse with a black, dizzy feeling. After a dozen days' journey, wounded with arrows and exhausted with strength, he had few enemies in front of him who could easily have been destroyed in their prime. But now he was at the end of his strength, and trying to draw his bow drained the last of his strength.In order to avoid costly, lyu3 bu4 again, this time is going to take three thousand troops, plus moon people from a five thousand died before (for many), the size of the added up to eight thousand people, but to the weakness of the huns now and the chaos of the hetao area, in lyu3 bu4, eight thousand people, has enough he quashed the hetao area.

A clever qiang soldier smell speech heart move, on the face pile up a few minutes smiling face, stand up general han pull come over to sit down, hey smile way: "these we return true don't know, eldest brother tell us about.""You want me, general?" < / p > < p > after taking care of some matters, re-set the camp, li kan was zhang liao summoned to the account, the face again spread the flattering smile, but at this time zhang liao has no mood to hate what, li kan today set great achievements is a fact, zhang liao will not because of personal preference to do things.Jia xu shook his head: "the last time these huns suffered a big loss in the hands of the Lord, I'm afraid this time will not turn out."生命是场战斗




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