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波多野结衣作品封面|几何金融Lyu3 bu4 will mind sink into a brain, again see that already had a long time not to see of system face plate."Your majesty, the old camp is gone, gone!" Tanu hissed shrilly.In this case, even aguli face li ru is not arrogant up, thousands of people defeated xiongnu wang ting army, plus before also in wuwei area one after the end of two xiongnu army, one of which is the total annihilation, such a record, enough to let these qiang people fear.

"The general to protect my small desperate, when I thanked the general is, not to polite, go back to the house. Lv bu patted liao hua's shoulder, with liao hua and a group of wounded soldiers into the house, let Yang xi command no injured home and city guards to clean up the body."That he... Keats pointed to zhaoyun and looked doubtfully at lu lingqi."I don't know. What's that to us?" Aguri frowned.波多野结衣作品封面|"Why?" The king of each slaughterer sneered and said, "just because I have many soldiers to slaughter, the rule on the grassland has always been that the strong are respected. Now I have 8,000 warriors to slaughter each one, and the sum of you on both sides is only 10,000.

波多野结衣作品封面|"Why are the three here?" Lv bu put down cut horse sword, look at three people doubt way."Simple, according to the rules of our han people, it is easy to send him back to take a message or something." Jun han looked knowledgeable and said, "I will stay with my brother in the future. If my brother follows you, I will make sure that you will not suffer any loss."...

The man said that the rise, and then a turn to cite the classics, the woman so, her parents must be unbearable, said is very reasonable, zhou cang and others are black.Chapter 52 the return of lv buCatching each king's head, lv bu let out a fierce beast's roar and shouted in huns' language: "your king is dead. Now, I am the master of each king.波多野结衣作品封面|




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