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粽粽有神|青青秀身茶怎么样The old?"Stop shooting." Lu bu waved his hand, indicating that the soldiers stopped shooting. The wooden armor was almost filled with experience. To continue shooting now would be a waste of arrows."I see." < / p > < p > xu sheng a face suddenly expression, hu bing in the western region, frankly with the former slave soldiers are no different, the difference is, lu bu treatment of these soldiers or more humane...... In terms of treatment.

"Yes." His eyes were clear again. He was looking at the map. His fingers were drawing on the ground. ""Certainly not." Tracing the cause hesitated, look to the Zhou Yudao: "the chief ever wondered, liu2 bei4 wedding, but not to the lyu3 bu4 Posting, lyu3 bu4 angel can just arrived, explain this, liu bei's every move, are known to be lyu3 bu4, Jason I don't know how many I jiangdong lyu3 bu4 to install connects, but dare to assert that ehrsson Cao Liu alliance against lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 already know, I'm afraid."In a series of muffled bangs, one lance bounced off the shield and briefly suppressed the crossbowmen.粽粽有神|"We haven't started the war yet, and gao shun didn't know what was going on. After he left the customs and attacked in the future, he just invited our army to fight. Xiahou dun bowed.

粽粽有神|"Please take back your order!" Wang li knelt down and kowtowed to liu zhang.For a moment, zhang song seemed to understand why dharma was so confident and simply frowned: "how could liu zhang listen to me now that I have no voice?""Then why work for him? With his skill, no matter where he goes, he will not wait for him." Zhou an voice, repressed an unspeakable anger.

"Huh?" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, the vision that does not have any fluctuation falls on nighthawk body: "when can nighthawk ask political affairs?"Cao cao heard this, and after a moment's hesitation, he said firmly, "the tiger prison must be broken. Liu bei's army is now blocked at the yi que pass, and cannot go any further."The official tax is not less, what they reduce is their own land tax." Meng da hesitated, looking at liu zhang careful way: "Lord, or we also reduce some taxes?"粽粽有神|





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