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郑淼之|求购不锈钢水箱"Yes, unfortunately, not for our army!" Lv meng silently nodded, seeing Chen to rush toward this way, not from cold hum 1, harsh voice way: "capsize boat!""Gentlemen, liu zhang had his experience, but after all, he had a battle with all the Kings and ministers. Now yizhou has been surrendered, and I have said, let bygones be bygones." Pang tong sink channel.Soldiers, Chen to clear insight into the opponent's intentions, from fighting, lv meng this tactic is not difficult, but see through, does not mean to stop the water army command, to Chen has practiced hard over the years, but practice preachings, completely can't keep up with the changes of the speed of each other's rhythm, and gradually by the other party holding, oneself can only helplessly looking at warships have been overturned, then each other like a Wolf jump, eating away at the soldiers at the life.

"Don't get me wrong, general. You're not qualified!" Pang tong shook his head, and cast a disdainful glance at liuMeng da looked at liu zhang in surprise and shook his head and said, "if liu yizhou was not blinded by interests, it would not be so easy to let the Lord take yizhou.""Peng ~"郑淼之|"Zhang ren must have been imprisoned by you, right?" Pang tong did not answer, but asked in reply, at such a time, it is natural not to openly put forward their views, said I want you to surrender, the other side instinct will produce resistance.

郑淼之|"Well, I remember that. Shu zhi asked if he would take the opportunity to attack chai sang." ZhuGeLiangWen said nodded, his words are also some helpless, if change the timing or the situation, it is a good opportunity for into the river, at least occupied jiangxia and he and the two places, then put in the hands grip the jiangdong portal, such as river water army is severe, but they can completely avoid the weakness of water-forces, by he scored jiangdong road, but now the situation does not allow, unless there is the possibility to clear away the jiangdong to in a short period of time, otherwise, will only make the two sides have completely break the relationship has dropped to freezing point, there is no room for everything."Bloody smell ~" tiger guard head raised his head, cold look to the front, hoarse voice, with a fever for blood, the mountain road empty, the distance has been able to see the barracks is also a lonely, can not see a bit of human habitation."Enemy, when will you marry me into the house? Province of now so furtive, see you one side, still want to seek an excuse with that mix person." A slight gasp, like a steady thunder, pierced the ears of every one

< / p > < p > the ship on the river bank, taishi ci and other jiangdong soldiers laughed slowly back yan 'an, against the river, ready to land from jiangling, in trying to recapture jiangxia, if land and siege battle, Chen to confident jiangdong soldiers can be over abuse."General, go! Xing daorong heard the sound of singing gold, suddenly such as meng amnesty, then play, I'm afraid today I have to explain here."Ford? "I also have this idea, but how to use it, but it should be carefully considered, but I think that the piece of wang seal should be taken back, one shu, is also the time to seal the king, and can also give liu bei and cao cao between some blocking! What do you think of wen he?"郑淼之|




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