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小莲池的秘密|电动打压泵"Push back the bulkhead and order the rear ares to attack!" Zhang liao shen voice way: "let the soldiers in the fortifications out of fortifications, on the platform, suppress the enemy archers!"Luoyang continues, for the construction of the city planning and design has already come out, but to be built, a conservative estimate also get five years, this time after the redesign, luoyang is built according to world-class metropolis, the luoyang city for the past, three times more than the area is large, can accommodate three million people, when completed, is now the chang 'an grand in a few minutes."My Lord lu bu to rende s world, hinduists world disputes, governors and, my Lord intends to follow the emperor, swept the world, also the etheric, although make you offend many times my Lord, make my territory, but heaven has the virtue of good living, fighting together, numbered, I hope that you can to my Lord, may please Mr. Chang an academy, Taoism, improving on Taoism." Palm flag from the arms to take out a book to open, read aloud.

The black-armored soldiers and horses, each armed with a powerful crossbow, followed the ugly scribes and, without saying a word, quickly surrounded the five hundred soldiers, their cold crossbows pointing at the panic-faced horsemen of hanzhong.Looking at two expensive frost soldiers carrying a heavy weapon up, xiongkuo sea a stretch of hand, since someone will be his ripe copper rod into xiongkuo sea injured."Kang cheng gong, lv bu is coming." Lv bu came in, looking at the old man on the bed, the heart suddenly some hair block.小莲池的秘密|"Who are you waiting for?" Menber frowned. There was no danger in these people. They were all pale and thin, looking like refugees.

小莲池的秘密|'ten years! Lv bu looked at the crowd and said earnestly, "ten years at most. Within ten years, I will put an end to this chaotic world, so that people all over the world will no longer suffer from war. This chaotic world has lasted for too long! Please help me!"Still have many central plains old and noble family accuse lv bu one's previous experience problem, a wu fu one's previous experience, how does the somebody else cao cao say to also be serious after famous family, have what qualification to compare with somebody else?Yang fu smiled awkwardly, do not say so, difficult way asks you to have to play a woman in wang ting directly at that time? That's not normal.

This is true, the world before the egg shu mess, the world is shu is pending, because of the topography in the shu, it is a long time, is the most easy to place, even in the shu dynasty also extreme exclusion, not just reject lyu3 bu4 this, even if the rest of the family of shu in the family all don't buy it, were it not for pang tong bloodless scored in hanzhong city, you want to end this three points ahead of the world in the future, is definitely a hard terrier in the shu."Hum!" Lv bu's eyes flashed a touch of cold, stretch out his hand empty a clap, a slight air explosion sound, the other side's sword was lv bu separated from the sky shock deviation, although the amplitude is not big, but has enough to avoid the fatal vital points, make the other side lost the last chance to assassinate lv bu, the other side took the opportunity to hold lv zheng, took the opportunity to break away from the hussar riding guard surrounded."That take office by liu bei rise?" Lyu3 bu4 sat in a chair, although clearly the battle anyone can play first, but only he could not, once he moved, I'm afraid is that governors of joint offense, even after five years to recuperate, the livelihood of the people gradually rise, lyu3 bu4 also don't want to take his hard hard cost saving money to go to talk with people, even if a victory, I'm afraid myself again.小莲池的秘密|




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