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黑诊所违法流产蒂斯美"I don't know master said that education, how to prepare to implement?" Marotta hesitated, asked.A few hours ago, a team of qiang appeared at the gates of jincheng, just simply show that they burn when qiang people, guarding the city soldiers unexpectedly have no doubt, put them into the city, when lyu3 bu4 led the army to kill, took the gate, make jincheng solid wall, lyu3 bu4 completely breached the city in three hours.Lyu3 bu4 horse rushed to the flag, Hands up and halberds down, Cut off the flagpole, Looking around, But see each other master has been surrounded by rebels, Cold hum 1, turn the horse's head, saw the two huns martial arts unexpectedly into their own army, one blocked the han de, another person to start to kill the four sides, just this time, has killed several han army, file and great anger, legs a clip horse belly, rushed back, hand China day painting ji is flung out.

"Zhang Heng, what's going on?" See the routed army, liang xing heart that damn ominous feeling surged up again, ugly way.Marten was blue with iron. He looked at Chengtou. He needed to make a fuss of it. His voice roared with anger, "Han Sui, get out of here!"Is this to stay?黑诊所违法流产Looking at the crowd, Marotta sank into a voice: "General Pound, last night gathered up the Korea hence and burn down when the number of pawn?"

黑诊所违法流产"Well... yes." Ma dai was d see heart cold, hurriedly bowed down."Wen hou, I'm afraid XiaGuan can't make the decision." Chen qun bitter way."That's great!" Ezra pound heavily waved his arm, excited way: "as long as the huns go, pound here but fifty thousand men, as long as seibel, zhang liao two generals north, and our formation of bemis, make Korea hence can't give attention to both ends, to master back to the day, the battle will be won!"

"Lyu3 bu4 want to do!?" Finally, Fang Ming, the head of the Fang family in Hanoi, could not bear this dreariness. He looked at Miao Shangdao and said, "Emperor, you said before that you would falsely surrender Lyu3 bu4 and shoot him in the city. What is going on now?"For lyu3 bu4 said these things, although not all agree, but marotta can not deny, although these things are just a blueprint, but the promotion of education alone, there is a great attraction, and the feasibility is very strong....黑诊所违法流产




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