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牛年谱就惊天曲|雅诗媚尔隐形蜂膜Although zhang he in hebei reputation as lamere sitton, but also in hebei four court column, if of march battle, zhang he ask than lamere sitton is poor, but only at the moment with thirty thousand troops on shore stem worried, the ferry is not enough, can only be lined up to higher, the oil tactical military commander has always been a big fear, but have now zhang he, lombardi command to give him the death, before sunset, be sure to arrive to changan, cooperate with Korea fierce, invasion of chang 'an."No, you're not smart." Looking at the ugly youth, lu lingqi some surprise.White horse with the head rub rub man's face, eyes seem to show a trace of not give up.

As the day went on, the thought things would be so in the past, who also have never thought, three days later, little running horse camp, will leave a letter to Addis lyu3 bu4, looking at the contents of the letter, lyu3 bu4 face some black, this wench, unexpectedly privately with her soldier left, euphemistically called to try.At the same time, on both sides of the street above the civilian houses, suddenly more than a ready to fight soldiers, a curved bow to take the arrow, indifferent looking at them.In the past, the huns relied on their personal prestige, and once their momentum was frustrated, they would fall into a deep depression. However, at present, this army has some kind of command and order, which is arrogant, but strong in the outside, but also more dangerous.牛年谱就惊天曲|"Blow the horn! Han sui some pain closed his eyes, he knew that he was calculated, just at this moment, in the face of angry burning qiang people, explain is redundant, even if now do not want to play also not line.

牛年谱就惊天曲|Lyu3 bu4 face heavy cold look at the dark tu the army with collapse as if to the power of heaven and earth as the flood surge, a wave of his hand, the column into three rows of a title of generals in ancient times the camp held up the rhubarb crossbow, the former two rows of squat down or crouch, cold JianCu aimed at getting closer and closer to tu the workforce.Behind the formation began to collapse, the terror of death thoroughly the tu the warrior that had deserted him, like the rainbow in front of people are beginning to panic to bridle horses, were followed by unidentified truth tu the warriors into it, suddenly a mess, tu the king some out, flapping wild whip, want to drink to stop mess, just before impact is too fierce, at the moment tu the soldier had crashed into a ball, can control the horse.Three hundred regiments of hussars came after lu bu, and every one of them leaned slightly on his side. His saber did not make too many splashes.

"The last general!" "Han desu rong said, and then frowned:" the general has sent liao hua to lead two teams of troops to the house of the hussars garrison, I do not know whether to recall?Lyu3 bu4 smiled, did not receive words, but what stationed here is not an ordinary soldier general.The scouts reported that by the time the huns came in full force, pound had completed the integration of his army, and he was not afraid to say that his fighting power had been greatly improved.牛年谱就惊天曲|




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