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疯狂天后小说|广东万和集团有限公司Although in the battle, immortality to force the emperor to despair, but also is equal to the exposed the lyu3 bu4's military strength in advance, on this point, zhuge liang's plot, a class is higher than lyu3 bu4, of course, this is good, can only say that zhuge liang to borrow borrow liu2 bei4 influence in jingzhou, various ge home network in jingzhou, liu table will, zhuge liang congenital advantage of the master is much higher than lu bu."This general, I am the emperor's son hold jinwu fu DE, there is a secret to the emperor uncle, these women, is lv bu's detailed work!" Ford rolled and crawled toward the soldier."The younger brother... Guan yu tried to explain, but liu bei interrupted him.

"Twenty percent! ?" Zhangsong suddenly stood up, looks at law is, he has to maintain the zhangs' business, the silk road had a period of time, of course, is not to go to the silk road, but from changan, to buy things from merchants on the silk road, and then shipped to shu, clear lyu3 bu4 tax how make people love dearly, but even so, still have made him a rich, natural more clearly what it contains twenty percent tax windfall."Lord and minister think it will be easier to attack the city." Xunyou suggested at cao cao's side."Enough! Liu zhang nu drank a sound, took a deep breath and looked at wang. "I have my own reason," he said. "you don't need to ask."疯狂天后小说|"I jingzhou nature also has the intelligence system which specially investigates various parties secretly." Zhuge liang smiled.

疯狂天后小说|Zhang song did not use any radical words, just from the family there to get some data to report to liu zhang."Thirty thousand?" < / p > < p > law is smell yan smiled, shook his head: "really did not see, when the thirty thousand army really belong to liu zhang?"Kill!"

"Ma adult overworry, our army spent arrow crest unique world, that zhugeliang what ability? Can you make a bolt as good as our own?" Pound smell speech, can't help laughing, lyu3 bu4 but from started to research and development was in changan, sweep hetao, the crossbow was shine brilliantly, lyu3 bu4 to production, later called the cunning work research and development, this is no Ma Junyi individuals in the effort, but xiaohong, hundreds of from all over the country and even foreign master a skillful craftsman, after nearly seven years of study results."Lord, the garrison on the city is not the original army at all. Except for the generals, it is almost all hu men and horses. Xu huang and gao LAN came to cao cao's side and smiled sadly.And there is a point is right, now under the rule of lu bu's science and technology is indeed to crush vassal, especially a variety of crossbow coordinated combat methods gradually replaced the original fighting methods, each war loss is not proportional to the situation, this complacent pride naturally arises spontaneously.疯狂天后小说|




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