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沙仓真名情趣内衣网店代理JiZhou six county is easing lyu3 bu4 many population pressure, but it just spent half a jizhou, other place is sparsely populated, spent and jizhou new, what is needed is reassurance, although the policy of land equalization policy helped lu bu a lot, but if lyu3 bu4 continues to surge, draw a large number of population to war, land equalization policy again good, for the people, have nothing."Hey, you're working hard now." Lu lingqi is not happy stare pang tong way.Which is not suitable, Chen gong is in charge of lu bu's internal affairs now, jia xu follows at lu bu's side as a think tank, li ru is at present helping lu bu to do three studies plan, each cannot leave, lu bu's vision is not from looking to the side pang tong.

Chapter 83 implementationPound knew that this old martial art was very good, and now he was a war horse, which was not good for him. He immediately got low and fell on the dead horse. When han rong galloped into the door, he suddenly cut off the horse's leg with a knife, but he was also hit on the back by the shot that han rong fell down and almost lost his temper."Huh?" < / p > < p > lu bu heard zhou cang's anger is approaching, a xuan, stand up, with lu lingqi and zhaoyun came to the door, but see zhou cang and a few hussars riding guard is surrounded by an old way, but in the fight, the scene is some confusion, there are a group of hussars riding guard a face of evil looking at the old way.沙仓真名What's more, it is liu guan zhang this kind of one heart wants to do a career to be met with a wall again and again however, the person that half lives, no matter be liu bei or guan zhang at the moment 2 will even liu bei hand a few member wu jiang come to listen to the news that two many months come from the front line, although do not say, but in the heart face is like ant to climb however same.

沙仓真名"Tap tap ~""Afraid of him?" Lv lingqi gave a cold hum.The newly arrived general husqi asked li fu, the former prefect of wei county, to be put on trial. Even though the family of ye cheng had tried to block lv bu, this incident hit home to the most itch of the people in ye cheng.

"Well." Lu xun nodded silently.No good family?"General." Facing him, an hussar mounted guard came up and bowed his hand respectfully to the BBC news, looking somewhat grave.沙仓真名




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